Public Sector

  • What do people think of your community as a place to live?
  • Do citizens think the local government is heading in the right direction?
  • Will voters support a new ballot measure? What factors make them more or less likely to support it?

InfoSearch has a proven track record in public sector research. We specialize in conducting research for local, city, and county governments, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and agencies formed under joint-powers legislation, such as community-based water authorities.

Public agencies, with open meeting laws, often hear from a vocal minority. Our clients benefit from receiving feedback and input that is representative of the whole public served.

Our public sector division is experienced in designing cost-effective, targeted studies that address critical community services, policies, and needs.

Our research includes detailed community feedback about public services, potential initiatives, employee engagement, business economic outlook studies, and custom research for the public sector.

Some of our public sector products include:

  • Citizen Studies
    • City/County Services
    • Ballot Issue Studies
  • Employee Surveys
  • Custom Research
    • Economic Outlook Studies
    • Custom Community Feedback Studies (e.g., quality of life studies, department-specific studies, downtown revitalization studies)

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