Club Members

Understand your club members’ perceptions and their gaming activities within your competitive market.

Optimize Share of Wallet

Identify where else – and how much – your active club members gamble in your market

You already know what your club members are doing at your casino. Now you can learn where else they gamble in your market, which area casino is their primary one, and what proportion of their total gaming budget you and each of your key competitors obtain. Gain the advantage by knowing how they perceive you relative to your competition.

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Where Did They Go?

Know what has happened to your inactive club members

Among your club members with no recorded gaming activity, understand which ones no longer gamble anywhere, which ones still gamble but not with you, and which ones report gaming with you without their club card. Learn their perceptions and what would motivate them to return.

Opportunity Knocks

Identify your highest opportunity players

InfoSearch has proprietary tools that enable you to identify which of your players have the most loyalty to your property, as well as which ones have the highest opportunity for additional gaming revenue. To learn more about these unique tools, contact us.

Enhance VIP Services

Find out what your hosted players think of your VIP Services

Your most valued players receive special attention. Understand how they view your overall host services, as well as their specific casino hosts. Know which of your hosts shine and which might benefit from more training.

More Data, More Results

Product Features

In-depth analysis reveals untapped profit potential.

Historical trend lines display uptrends, downtrends, and/or general stability.

Reporting tools effectively and efficiently synthesize information.

Your share of wallet among your club players is calculated for you.

Report filters enable you to drill down by demographics and gaming characteristics.

Your data is safe and secure. We’ll never share your information with anyone.

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