Learn about your customer satisfaction to maximize customer retention.

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Know Where You Stand

Measure satisfaction across all your venues

Our actionable insights span all of your property’s venues. You can view and compare data all in one, easy-to-use place. Our intuitive interface provides you with detailed, searchable data across your entire brand. Building the big picture has never been easier.

Evaluate Your Performance

See how your casino stacks up against industry benchmarks

Our industry benchmarks allow you to easily analyze which of your venues excel relative to industry standards, which venues are in line with the norms, and which venues need more attention to bring them up to speed. Gain insight to ensure that your scores are aligned with your objectives for excellence.

Stay on Top of Issues

Use InfoSearch’s proven Customer Complaint Management System

Be alerted to customer problems and concerns. Use our comprehensive system for identifying, processing, tracking, and responding to customer issues to enhance service recovery. Know your statistics including the number of alerts by venue, which issues are unresolved, and the elapsed time to respond.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Access customer feedback in real-time

We deliver real-time intelligence about current customer satisfaction, so you can acknowledge compliments or address issues as they arise. Instant email notifications allow you to be proactive. Because, when it comes to taking control of your brand, timing is everything.

More Data, More Results

Product Features

Information spans all venues, providing a comprehensive view.

Reporting tools effectively and efficiently synthesize information.

Results are compared to benchmarks, goals, and your historical performance.

Report filters enable you to drill down by demographics and gaming characteristics.

Automated notifications alert your property to customer concerns.

Your data is safe and secure. We’ll never share your information with anyone.

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Customer Retention
Complaint Management System

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Understand your

Club Members

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Inactive Members
Hosted Players

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Employee Engagement
New Hires / Transfers
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