Keep employees satisfied and motivated so your property runs smoothly.

Become Their Champion

Create an environment employees value

Detailed data on employee satisfaction allows you to find out more about what your employees are thinking. We’ll provide actionable insights so you can take measures to keep employees engaged and at their best. We gather their thoughts – you become their champion.

Engaged or Disengaged

Increase employee

retention rates

We know how to get to the heart of what drives employee satisfaction. Know what proportion of your team is engaged versus disengaged. We’ll provide the intelligence, so you can keep staff on your property and on your side.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Use employee insights to keep your property operating efficiently

Employees are at the heart of your business. Capitalize on their first-hand knowledge to ensure a successful operation. We’ll collect the data and connect the dots, so you can make the big decisions that keep your property operating at its best.

Manage Human Resources

Keep informed as your employees come and go

First impressions on the job make a difference. Find out what your new employees think about your hiring process, their orientation and training, and their first few months on the job. … And when it is time for employees to leave, gain insights about why they’re leaving to reduce future employee losses.

More Data, More Results

Product Features

Studies are customized for your specific property’s culture and needs.

Feedback can be anonymous or confidential to encourage participation.

General participation is tracked in real time – overall and by department groups.

Compare results over time to know if employee satisfaction is changing.

Report filters enable you to drill down by work areas and by key demographics.

Your data is safe and secure.
We’ll never share your information with anyone.

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Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
Complaint Management System

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Understand your

Club Members

Active Members
Inactive Members
Hosted Players

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Connect with your


Employee Engagement
New Hires / Transfers
Exiting Employees

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Assess your


Market Share / Wallet Share
Market Trends
Market Opportunities

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