Gain a comprehensive understanding of where you fit in your marketplace

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Brand Management

Understand your brand to manage your brand

InfoSearch’s market assessment provides insights into your brand and your relative place in the market. Learn unaided and aided awareness, gamers’ attentiveness to media campaigns, and the perceived reputation and directional trends of each casino in your market, including yours.

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Your Slice of the Pie

Know your position in your competitive market

Among all gamers in the market – including those who have not visited your casino – find out each casino’s market share based on gaming hours and on gaming budget, as well as the prevalence of club memberships at each property. We analyze differences by key demographics and gaming behaviors, so you know where the opportunities are.

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Markets Change

Be prepared to address your evolving market

Whether you – or a market competitor – are opening a new casino, undergoing a major construction project, or closing an unprofitable venue, our market assessment will help you know how these developments will impact your property. Know in advance and be prepared.

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Connect the Dots

Make big decisions based on big data

We provide both big-picture and in-the-trenches data on your market, and use both types of data to make strategic recommendations. We know where and how to dig to get you the information you need. Presentations from our experts help you make the big decisions that yield even bigger results.

More Data, More Results

Product Features

Market assessments are meticulously tailored for your specific market.

In-depth analysis of the market reveals untapped potential.

Executive presentations highlight results, trends, and opportunities.

Results are analyzed by key demographics and gaming characteristics.

Multiple waves of market assessments uncover important market trends.

Your data is safe and secure. We’ll never share your information with anyone.

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